Affordable Interior Decoration and Styling in Coffs Harbour:
ideal for new homes, or a home that you’ve lived in for years.


Interior Decoration will help to make your home a comfortable, inviting and peaceful place to live in.

I can assist with your Interior Decoration and Styling solutions in the following ways:

  • Advising on ways to make your rooms appear larger, wider, taller, brighter and more liveable
  • Choosing a colour for a feature wall
  • Choosing a colour for all your walls
  • Advising on furniture placement
  • Advising on fittings
  • Redecorating one room
  • Redecorating your entire home
  • Purchasing one piece of furniture
  • Purchasing an entire home full of furniture
  • Providing storage and organisation solutions

As you can see I can be as involved, or as detached, as you want me to be; and there is no job too small or too big.

The Interior Decoration process

While each Interior Decoration project varies, this is a general outline of the process:

  • Give me a call to have a friendly, obligation-free chat.  During this conversation, as well as hearing about your home, I’ll ask questions about your interests, lifestyle, family members, routine etc.
  • If after chatting, you’d like me to visit your home, we can arrange a time for this.

If you decide that you’d like me to work with you, I’ll either provide you with a quote on the spot; or for involved projects, I’ll email you a quote within around 3 business days. The quote will include a concept tailored to your individual needs and will include completion dates.


Want to enjoy more leisure time and less stress in your newly decorated and organised home?

For affordable Interior Decoration in Coffs Harbour and surrounds, please get in touch for a friendly, obligation-free chat.