De-cluttering and organising solutions from
The Restful Nest in Coffs Harbour


Are you tired of wasting time trying to find things amidst all your clutter?

Is your mess creating too much stress?

Is the sight of paperwork piles, jumbled clothes or strewn toys making you feel anxious and miserable?


I can help…

One of the symptoms of a busy life is a cluttered home.  Between racing here and there we bring ‘stuff’ into our home, some of these things we need, but many we don’t.

Whether you want me to help you organise one pile of bills or your entire home, I am ready to help.

Clutter affects your mind

Environmental clutter creates ‘mental clutter’. If you are constantly looking at messy spaces, it becomes difficult to think straight and to retain

Clutter also affects your body, and can contribute to weight problems

Research suggests that people who live in a disorganised and cluttered environment often struggle with weight problems.

However, when these same people get rid of the physical ‘stuff’, they often free themselves of the emotional triggers that cause overeating.  So the process of de-cluttering actually results in weight loss.

A healthier environment can often result in a healthier you – mentally and physically!

My approach is sensitive, and you are always in control.

My process is to break down de-cluttering tasks into smaller, manageable steps; and then to help you put an organisation system in place so that the area won’t get cluttered again.

Rest assured, you are always in control of the decision-making process.  I work on your instructions so if you want to keep particular items, then you will keep them.

My role is to help you, not to take over.  Together we can work on new patterns of behaviour so that you can take control of your environment, rather than your environment being in control of you.

I will always:

  • Listen to your needs.
  • Understand your goals and objectives.
  • Work to your agenda, not mine.
  • Allow you to take time to make decisions, rather than pressuring you to make decisions quickly.


For affordable De-cluttering and Organising solutions in Coffs Harbour and surrounds, please get in touch for a friendly, obligation-free chat.